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PaCivic Initiatives is a consulting and Non-Profit Organization initiated in early 2009. It has grown and is aspiring to be leading research and social innovator in NGO’s and CSO space in the region of South Pacific.

Our aim is to bring 21st century standards in -

 - environmental protection and conservation

 - environmental education

 - sustainable business practice

 - energy use and management 

 - youth empowerment

to island communities across the Pacific.

Our expertise ranges from Education to Scientific to Marketing and Business.

PaCivic Initiatives operates in Solomon Islands and it is a group of young passionate academic individuals from various professional backgrounds (environment and conservation, business analysis, governance and policy, health and hygiene, technology and software development) who aim to create practical and innovative solutions to current trending issues and provide project management and implementation support to private and government sectors in the following areas:

  • Conservation and Protection of the Environment

  • Social, Political, Economic and Business sectors

PaCivic Initiatives approach issues through research tools to advocate and influence policies and initiate positive change on multiple levels.

Founders of PaCivic Initiatives are Nenad Surla and Lerric Suia Tito.

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